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At Indiana Anesthesia Services LLC, our anesthesia services group is committed to delivering high-quality care, ensuring patient satisfaction, and fostering professional partnerships. By working with us, you can expect safe and appropriate anesthesia care that is grounded in evidence-based best practices, tailored to diverse cultural backgrounds, and involves the sharing of health information to promote patient safety and efficiency. 

Comprising a solid group of anesthesia professionals, including sub-specialty trained and board-certified anesthesiologists as well as experienced certified registered nurse anesthetists, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding outpatient anesthesia care. We prioritize alignment among surgeons, patients, and anesthesia professionals to provide exceptional perioperative care that exceeds expectations.

We pride ourselves on effective integration within our clients’ care team, continually monitoring quality and performance to improve satisfaction by working with surgical facility leadership and involving family members in care decisions. We strive to maintain continuity of care by assigning the same anesthesia provider(s) as much as possible. Our anesthesia services group works collaboratively and fosters a positive work environment for all parties, resulting in a very low turnover rate among anesthesia providers and an exceedingly high client retention rate. 

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Recruiting and Credentialing
At Indiana Anesthesia Services LLC, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced board-certified anesthesiologists and CRNAs. We meticulously identify and credential quality professionals to add to our team, and we place great importance on obtaining feedback from clients to continually improve our services. Our goal is to work in harmony with our clients' clinical teams and infrastructure as partners in the care process.
We understand the importance of seamless communication and scheduling with our surgical partners, and have a dedicated team to ensure this is achieved. We highly regard our clients' preferences in choosing the most suitable anesthesia professionals for their practice, and we make it a priority to maintain continuity of care. Our staff has a wealth of experience in meeting the credentialing and documentation requirements necessary for accreditation.
Revenue Cycle Management
Our anesthesia services group is well-versed in various aspects of compliance, including ICD-10 and CPT coding, HIPAA regulations, and EMR integration. We handle billing in-house to ensure maximum oversight and efficiency, regularly incorporating the latest technological innovations. Because we prioritize patient satisfaction, we are readily available to address any questions patients may have about this process.
Equipment and Supply Management
Our anesthesia services group's certified anesthesia technologists are responsible for overseeing the equipment and supply chains required for providing high-quality care. With their expertise, effective communication, resource pooling, and proactive approach, we are able to maintain a dependable and consistent supply across all of our facilities, even during times of shortages. Additionally, we ensure that our equipment undergoes regular biomed inspections.

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